2005 Toyota RAV4 with electrical trouble

My car problems it’s about the Electrical, I was change the old Batteries to a New Batteries and it became to hard on it by starter and it’s not working, and I already check everything on the engine but it still not working. but the Engineer told me that the Electrical cause the problems, I really need help…

Okay, you replaced the battery and now the vehicle is hard to start, the starter is struggling. Is that about right? If so, make sure the battery connections are clean and tight. If that’s not it the starter itself could be bad or the new battery could be defective. Have the battery tested and if it checks out okay have the starter tested.

Your hard to understand post will not get many decent replies . You said batteries ( more than one ? ) and you checked every thing on the engine , How ? You need this Engineer to clarify what the problem is or find a good shop .

Have A parts store load test the battery first thing.
Battery is always the 1st thing that needs to be tested and confirmed as being 100% good, before testing or replacing any other component.