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2015 RAM 1500 - Oil reminder?

2015 Dodge Ram. Supposed to indicate oil change required, but isn’t. Also, low fuel should chime and light on dash, but doesn’t. WHY???

Hi Andrea. We don’t have a Ram, but our Mazda has a menu setting that allows us to turn on or turn off the Oil change notification. I think it actually may toggle between a mileage alert and an algorithm type alert based on driving style. There may be a bigger issue, but I’d start in the menus and ask a dealer by phone if this is a possibility.

It is possible that the settings are in the menu. But I have no idea if my vehicles will chime or light the low fuel light because I never let my fuel get below 1/4 tank. I change oil by mileage or time ( 5000 miles or 6 months ).
I assume you just bought this used so first look in the manual for settings .

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On my neighbors Ram 1500, when the low fuel light comes on, he better be going down hill with a gas station in front of him, he has about 45 seconds of fuel left.

Other neighbor can only get 15 gallons of fuel in his 26 gallon tank when his light comes on.

You may be fueling before the light comes on.

Plus 1 to @VOLVO_V70 I have no idea if mine work either. I have taken over putting gas in the car that the wife drives though so when it gets close to 1/2 tank I just fill it up again. I’d like to see a 1/2 tank warning chime though.