2015 Porsche Boxster - front tire scrubbing

I have a Porsche sales document regarding “front tire scrubbing” on Boxsters. It is a noisy,bouncing,front end vibration during slow speed turns at shortest radius. The document says customers will complain but should be told it is caused by Porsche design and is normal for this car. I test drove one and it bounced violently but the dealership also says that is normal. Please advise your com-
ments. Thank You

Porsche’s own document warned of this. I will defer to the people who designed and built the car.

More Ackerman geometry in the front suspension would have made this much less of an issue if not cured it completely but the handling would suffer a bit is my educated guess.

Live with it or sell it if you can’t because you can’t fix it.

Thanks for your comment.

not having a 2015 Porsche in my shop to look at, I too, would defer to the document from Porsche. Sounds like a design flaw, but one they are ok with- which sucks for owners.

Two things you can do: make sure there are no damaged suspension components, and that both front and rear alignments are spot on. If both are done, either live with it or sell it.

You could also post this on a Boxster forum - owners may have other ideas.

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if it turns out your Boxster is behaving as it should, the car might not be a good fit for you. It appears you have different priorities than the designers.

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It’s probably this


My guess is the same as the others above are saying, the symptom is normal for this performance car. There might be a way to lesson the effect with a tire size change but you’ll have to still stay within the set of tire specs recommended by Porsche. Usually the recommended tires sizes are posted on a door pillar label you can see when you open the driver’s side door. Ask your dealership if smaller diameter, narrower tires would exhibit this symptom to a lesser extent.