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Steering wheel shimmy in '02 Boxster

Recently bought a used '02 Porsche Boxster and find that there is vibration in the steering wheel when driving between 75 - 80 on the freeway. I see in 2008 the exact same problem was experienced by Goatster, a fellow owner of an '02 Boxster. I read the responses to his questions re: alignment and am wondering if Goatster still checks in with Car Talk and can let me know what was finally the solution. Are there more Porsche Boxster '02 owners out there who have experienced the same problem? Thx Ruby Portia

You have the CLASSIC symptoms of rims that need to be balanced.
Nothing Porsche specific about that.
Have that done before spending big bucks on an alignment.

Yep, check balance, and also have them check for a bent rim. Did you have this car examined by a mechanic before buying?

No but purchased it from a business associate who was in a porsche club and won awards for the car. It’s in great condition except for this shimmy. Now that I have a little more info on what might be going on, I’ll get in touch with him and see what he knows. Thank you for your input.

You might check the ball joints while your looking around the car.

You didn’t say how many miles were on it.

@RubyPortia get those rims checked out and balanced first.

I honestly don’t think it’s worth the effort to question your business associate about “what he knows”

It’s your car now and you should treat it as if no maintenance has ever been done. You should NOT assume that the previous owner took care of it well. Have your own mechanic go over the car with a fine toothed comb. Make sure your mechanic isn’t a friend/associate of the previous owner.

Exactly what @db4690 said - getting everything checked out now could save BIG $$ later.

I’m with db 100%.

I’d suggest not only getting everything checked out by your own shop, including alignment, but also getting the wheels “road force balanced”. You have a very nice car there, and you’d be best to start with everything checked and brough up to “snuff” (whatever that means). and starting with a clean slate. The vibration will probably only be a bent rim or wheel balance.