2015 Nissan Rogue spare tire

has anyone put in a spare tire in the 2015 Nissan rouge

Nissan did. Can’t you find yours? Look in your owners manual or here


Good post. About 7 years ago I was danger-close to buying a Nissan 370Z Roadster. The car didn’t have any spare, but I knew it was possible since there was a space under the cargo area and info in the manual indicating “If you have a spare…” I asked the dealers for help, and it was like talking to a wall. Nobody could tell me if it was actually possible to order a spare, which if I remember correctly, was very expensive (More than a real tire and real full sized alloy rim). Let us know if you do it! (ps - I bought a Lexus convertible instead with a spare) Came in handy. IS350C%20spare

This is the kind of thing that may be available at a reasonable cost at an auto recycler.