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Lookup info about whether trunk can hold full-size spare

For a relative’s 2003 Toyota Corolla CE, I am preparing to replace four nine-year-old tires currently mounted, plus the 18-year-old compact spare in the trunk. Is there a straightforward way to look up whether the trunk’s storage area for the spare can hold a full-size spare?

My approach (for my car) is to use a full-size spare. I replace the old spare with the best one of the four mounted tires when I buy a new set of four tires.

Try with one of the regular tires and see, my thought.


That is the way I checked my wife;s car.

When you get the new tires just ask the shop to see if one will fit in the spare tire well . And after the person does that give him a couple of dollars for the extra effort . And why would you trust a 9 year old tire as a spare anyway. You can buy new temporary spare tires and they are not that expensive.

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You do realize that once a car is a few model years old, it is easy to find OEM wheels for it at a junkyard. Also, since the outer diameter of the “donut spare” must be the same as a regular wheel, the spare tire well in the trunk must necessarily be wide enough to hold a full spare, though it may be too tall and “lift up” the bottom of the trunk.

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The stock wheel and tire size does fit in the spare tire well according to toyotanation members who’ve tried.