2015 Nissan Pathfinder - Won't acccellerate

My car won’t accelerate. It does not happen all the time. Also I cannot turn the brake lights off this does not happen all the time. Faulkner Nissian said there is nothing wrong with the car but there is a $69.95 diagnosis fee. I asked about the recall for the brake light switch they said nothing is wrong with the brake light switch and the recall does not apply to my VIN. I do not know what to do because I am scared to drive the car

Is the Check Engine Light it up?
Or–even worse–is it blinking?

For a dealership, that is a very low diagnostic fee

They may or may not be correct on that point, but you can go to the following website, enter your VIN, and see if there are any outstanding recalls on your vehicle:


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The problem with no acceleration might be caused by a failing accelerator pedal position sensor.


This sensor sends a signal to the computer. And from that signal the computer operates the electronic throttle body.

One indication that this might be the problem is, you step on the accelerator, and nothing happens.


If you push gas pedal and TB does not respond, will you set a code?

If the brake light switch is failing, brake lights stay on, you won’t be able to accelerate. The computer will shut down the the throttle body when the brakes are applied as a safety feature.

I don’t see a recall for the brake light switch, try pulling up on the brake pedal when this happens and have the brake light switch replaced.