Left front door "brake"?


I have a 2000 model Toyota Sienna that I took for Class B service this morning. The mechanic called back with a whole bunch of repairs that “needed” done. One of them being the “left front door brake is broken. We need to order that part in -$193”.

I googled, and looke a few sites, but couldn’t find any info on front door brake (apparantly it’s near the hinge?).

Am I being taken for a ride? Pl. help. I need to call him to authorize the part-order.


I’d imagine that they are, in fact, talking about a “door brake” - I’m not clear on how they work or if your car would even have them (I guess so) but it is a mechanism that keeps the door from slamming closed even if the user slams it. I would certainly not bother with this (just don’t slam your doors closed). Or if you’re worried about it, take it somewhere else for an opinion. Why are you taking a 9yr old van to a dealer? This is exactly the kind of treatment you’ll get. Ask around and find a good local, independent mechanic. If you find a reputable one, then won’t use your visits as an excuse to sell as many things as possible.

Probably what he is refering to is the device that holds the door open until you are ready to pull it closed. If you have not noticed that the door is banging your leg as you exit the Sienna, it may not need to be replaced. You will have to determine if the lack of this convenience is sufficiently bothersome to warrant the $193 expenditure.

Hope that is what it is.

Thank you both for the responses. I will probably need to find an alternate mechanic for my future repairs.

Researcher, yes, you are right. The door has gotten in the way and also swung wide open (on a windy day). I am lucky I didn’t scratch anyone’s vehicle. Decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Thanks again!

That piece they are talking about is called (by some) a door ‘stepper’.

It’s narrow strip of metal with a raised portion in the middle mounted to the door frame and meant to hold the door in two positions (half way open or completely open) providing there is NO wind.

Toyota replaced mine (under warranty) as it was broken inside the door and was interfering with the power window.

Could he mean a door check. The part that keeps the door from overextending?
Before you feel the need to find a different tech because you feel you might have been taken advantage of, why did you not ask him what a door brake was before leaving?
People often use their own terms/words or catch phrases to describe something and sometimes not everybody gets it.