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2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class - Cracks

Our 2015 Mercedes E400 has recently started making a sharp cracking sound when we take a right hand turn or go over bumps. This sound seems to come from the sunroof area. Some think this is not covered by our pre-owned extended warranty but others say since we have the upgraded moonroof option it is. Still others say it is a laborious chore and would run around $1400. The dealer where we purchased the car wasn’t sure himself if it was covered (he seemed to think it depended on which manager one spoke with) but said he had the same year model and he had the cracking sound too. It would be difficult to sell with this noise present though everything else about the car is 100% wonderful. I’ve seen numerous mentions of this problem online. When I mentioned the word “recall” our service guy looked like he’d seen a ghost. What do you think? Thanks pal. Faithful column reader

Very simple question . . .

Do you have a genuine Mercedes-Benz extended warranty?

If so, it may very well cover the cost to repair

If not, it’s probably going to be customer pay

You’d better find out exactly which warranty you have . . . I’ve seen service advisors sell aftermarket extended warranties, which in some cases aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on