Bought a clean Mercedes e350. Insurance wont insure due to 3 claims on C.L.U.E. Should I back out?

Got a really clean 2009 e350 a few days ago. Came with 50k 4 year extended warrantee. Drives great. Approved by mechanic and has clean carfax. When i called my insurance company to give them VIN they came back that they couldn’t insure due to an at fault claim against the car for $8500. It also had two comprehensive claims as well. I live in Colorado where hail damage is a common occurrence. No other insurance company i’ve contacted has had any issues insuring the car. I’m not sure whether i should be concerned about this. I haven’t taken possession of the car yet, the dealer was putting new brakes and tires on it for me. Should i back out of this deal?!


I’m thinking maybe the car got HAMMERED, the title got branded, and somebody “washed” the title by registering it in another state

$8500 . . . forget hail damage

something DRASTIC happened, in regards to the car

“Should i back out of this deal?!”

Yes . . . ANY red flags should cause you to RUN away

And this is a MAJOR red flag

If your insurance company doesn’t want to have anything to do with the vehicle, neither should you.


This question is much to easy. Forget it and look elsewhere.

Just in case someone is wondering the OP is referring to the Comprehensive Loss Underwriter Exchange

Yep. And I’m betting the warranty is aftermarket, not Mercedes Benz backed, right? Run away.

Yes, ASAP, call them and cancel the deal. You might have to use some threatening language if they are not willing to cancel the deal. After all they misrepresented the car.

I believe the car’s too old to have any kind of CPO warranty backed by Benz

I don’t think backing out will be an issue. The crazy thing is i don’t think they knew about this either? The car has never been registered out of colorado, and there were no accidents reported on the title. It is an aftermarket warranty. Seems reputable though. Are all these warranties garbage? A close friend has bought 5 german cars from this dealer and never had issues with warranty or dealer. Thanks for everyone’s advice!

Not all the warranties, but a lot of them, and I know of no way to tell them apart. And the dealer might not have known, or they might just be lying. Common.

If you can back out, you should.
If not, don’t think of this as a car problem. Think of it as a legal problem. Contact a lawyer. The sooner the better.

You signed a contract, right? I would be surprised if you can back out.

Yeah but i haven’t taken possession of the car yet.

A lot of the aftermarket warranties have loopholes so large, you could drive a Freightliner through them :frowning:

If you have an extended warranty a sale has taken place, you bought a car.

Its not always about taking possession. If the brakes and tires are part of the contract, then the dealer has invested in the contract. You may be able to get out of it, but it will cost you.

I agree with Nevada and keith that they’re not going to simply let you walk away gratis.

I’m also in agreement that there has been something nasty going on with that car in the past and yes, it is possible for dealers to end up on the losing end of cars they take in trade or buy at auction.

If it costs $200 to back out, for example, I would still do it, versus hanging onto a car with a possibly shady past, so to speak

So much for the clean Carfax…

What I expect to happen if the OP tries to give the car back (and I could be wrong…) is that the dealer will try to steer them into another car “for free”.

I would have no issue and expectation of trouble telling the dealer I can’t buy the car because my insurance company will not cover it. Imagine the headline “Dealer forces buyer to take possession of an uninsurable car”

Yeah, I think a document from the insurance company describing exactly why they are refusing coverage should convince the dealer. I could see telling a judge the story in small claims court, I bet the judge would have a problem with concealed faults, even though the dealer says they didn’t know.