2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class -Rattles

I have a E350 Mercedes Benz with less than 90000 miles. It has a rattles sounds on start-up. You pay all this money for a car and it does this. What can I do?

You should have sold or traded it in before the warranty expired.


What did the dealer say was cause of rattle? Did they recommend repairing something? Or did they say there is nothing wrong, it’s just noisey?

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What did your mechanic find when you brought this to his attention?
Via cyberspace, without knowing how this car has been maintained, and without being able to examine it, nobody can give you a diagnosis that is substantive.

An 8 year old car with 80k has developed some sort of rattle…

In my world, that is a “dog bites man” story. Completely normal that something might need fixing after that time and mileage. Even a Mercedes Benz.


Some C Class owners with the same problem had to replace the timing chain and tensioner. Your E Class might have something similar happening.


Where is the rattle coming from? Maybe we can help if you give us more information.

You have a Mercedes out of warranty, get used to spending a lot of money

It could be something as simple as a loose exhaust heat shield. But we can’t determine that from the Interwebs. Find an independent mechanic to take a look & listen.


Should she also get used to disparaging comments like this?

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Disparaging ? How about accurate . The same goes for our Volvo but we knew that when we bought it .


My comment was not meant to be negative just realistic. Everyone I know who has a BMW, Mercedes, Audi or other high end Euro car LOVES them when they are new and covered by the warranty. Luxury, comfort etc. Once they are out of warranty and the real cost of maintenance ends up with the owner, the attitude sours. One of my friends is a mechanic at his uncle’s shop (independent) Outstanding mechanic, but he hates to get older Euro high end cars. Sometimes due to the complexity of the repair, but mostly having to tell the owner the cost of the repair. He hates being the recipient of the fury and anger of ‘being ripped off’. However he is reasonable and after the folks go elsewhere for a better price they frequently come back to him as he has a good reputation and his price is not out of line. He just hates the reaction to sticker shock

Well my car needs a Camshaft Intake which cost $ 6000.00. This is my third MB I never had any problems with the other cars. I was noticed that others were having the same problems with the E350.
So is this a problems from the company?

Nope, it’s your problem, and it’s going to cost you $6,000 to fix

What exactly is a camshaft intake? Does the fact that it rattles hurt anything?
When I was in high school, my dad’s 1954:Buick had a bad rattkevm when it was first started. My dad had me take it to our friendly mechanic. The mechanic told me to bring the car back when it didn’t rattle on startup. He then explained to me that it was the heat riser valve that directed hot air from the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold when the engine was cold. As the engine warmed up, the valve closed. The thermostatic spring would cause the rattle.
If the rattle in your Mercedes doesn’t hurt the performance of the car, I would let it rattle.

I don’t think that’s an actual part.

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Guessing they meant, Intake camshaft

The parts might be listed as Camshaft, intake or Camshaft, exhaust.

O.k. This engine has two camshafts, one for the intake valves and one for the exhaust valves. Now I understand what is going on. I still live in the days when the valves and camshaft were in the engine block.

There are 4 camshafts, this is a dual overhead cam V-6.

Modern DOHC engines require a lot of labor when repair is needed but usually less than $6000 in repair costs.