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Strange noise, not sure what it is

Turning to the internet for help:

2013 Mazda 3i Sport
80k-ish miles

I’ve had a noise coming from my front passenger side tire area since I had my tire replaced in November. It’s gotten increasingly louder. I’ve taken it to the shop where I bought all my tires (all except the new one are a little over a year old) and I was told it’s nothing. That if it’s a wheel bearing I’ll just know when it goes. Which freaks me out.
Tonight I went to the gym and my tire (same tire location, after a rotation, so not the same tire), sounded like the thump thump thump of a flat. It’s not a flat.
Anyone have any insight? I don’t wanna die on my commute or have my wheel fall off even on the way to the shop to get it looked at.
Is it a wheel bearing? Steel belt? CV joint?

Also would like to add that
-there’s no clicking while turning.
-Lug nuts are not loose.
-sound is never present while stopped or idling.
-sound begins at 5mph, thuds up to 30mph, then gets faster, higher pitched but not as loud.

Thanks in advance.

Since the problem remains at the right front after tire rotation that rules out a tire problem. I would suggest taking your car to a different mechanic.
Check ‘mechanic files’ at the top of cartalk site. Ask around for recommendations, check yelp reviews. So could be a bearing, cV joint, or strut, possibly something else. Will require a qualified mechanic to do a hands on inspection/diagnosis.


Thank you.

to test if it is a bearing, you might try checking if noise changes as you get to left/right curves on a highway’ cloverleaf

I have one intersection around me where exit makes wide left curve, immediately followed by a right curve: going there on around 45 MPH makes bearings to load one side first, then immediately following next side, this is how I tested if similar noise I had was from tire or from bearings and luckily for me it was tire to be replaced, not bearings