Rx330 brake leak

Brakes problem

2004 Lexus RX 330 V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 118000 miles

I brought my rx 330 to the dealer because the brake light came on. They said the brake fluid level was low and that fluid was found inside the power brake booster. I was also told to fix the problem the brake master cylinder and power booster assembly would need to be replaced. Estimated cost of repair was over $1000. Does that seem right?

We have a similiar problem with our 2004. New brake pads did nothing and not leaking in garage

Yes, it is plausible, but this diagnosis can be confirmed or refuted by any independent mechanic who is worth his salt.

There is nothing particularly exotic or unique about this vehicle that uses mostly the same components as the Toyota Highlander, and as a result it can be worked on–albeit at much lower cost by an independent mechanic.

Incidentally, you might be interested to know that the vehicle has a V-6 engine, not a V-8.