2015 Kia Sportage's vibrating steering wheel

I have a K900 from the day I drove the car from the dealer I have a vibration in the steering wheel speed fom 60mph to 73mph+.It has been to the dealer three times for the same problem, the dealer tried to correct the problem, NOP it’s steel their when I reach 80, 95% of it goes away. Have any other buyer of the 900 had or have this problem. If so we should as the buyers of KIA Flag ship file a suite together and get KIA to give back every penny we put into buying the 900 from start to present day. or give us a NEW 2019 redesigned 900.Can anyone help me with this problem? Or have you had the same problem. HELP. I put sportage .
( Model ) didn’t show the K900

You’ve lived with this for 3 years, most of it under warranty, and only now you want to sue Kia? Trade this car in on something else and forget about it.

Not going to happen . You don’t even know how many others have this same problem. You don’t say how long you have had this vehicle or if the tires are due for replacement . Have you had the front and rear tires rotated and balanced to eliminate the tires .

I had this problem between 35 to 40 mph with a Capri GT in the 1970s. The issue was cheap struts put on at the factory. The solution was to buy aftermarket struts. A potential problem is that on most roads, those speeds might be above the legal amximum, especially between 70 to 80. You may live where high speeds are legal, or close enough that you might venture there.

Have you contacted Kia directly about this? Maybe they can help.

Realize that if you take a car in for a warranty repair and the problem persists, the problem is still covered under warranty even if the time or mileage expires. I hope you’re kept your copies of the shop orders and recommend it as a practice for the future. Your owner’s paperwork came with a protocol for pursuing a resolution if the dealer fails to repair a problem covered under warranty. I recommend that you dig that out and follow it.