2019 Volvo XC60 - Wheel vibrates

A vibration is felt through the steering wheel when speed gets up to 65 mph. By 70 mph the vibration can be felt by the passenger through their seat. I have been told that all 2019 XC60’s do this and that is a feature of the car. Really!!!

No. You probably have wheel or suspension wear or damage.

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Did the dealership tell you this? Keep any documentation. You could try a different dealership.
Have the tires been rebalanced?
Have you noted any unusual wear of the tires?
Have the tires been rotated and has that had any affect?

The vehicle is brand new. It had 250 miles when I got it and it did it on the way home. I thought it was uneven road surface. They have road force balanced the tires, changed the drive shaft, changed the tires. They now say that all volvo xc60s vibrate over 65 and they can do nothing about it.

Sorry, didn’t notice the year. I do know that it is not normal for a brand new car to have a vibrating steering wheel at 65. So wear is out but damage or faulty parts are still possible. You may need to bring it to a different dealer. Otherwise I’m not knowledgeable on warranty or legal stuff.

Thanks so much for responding. I am really horrified at the dealership’s response, I will be taking it to another dealership.

I’ve tested that vehicle and never felt any vibrations. The Android Auto didn’t work, but that’s not your problem!

When a dealership is unwilling or unable to rectify a problem with a car that is under warranty, it is time to complain to the manufacturer. Contact information can be found in your Owner’s Manual.


That’s BS and as VDCdriver writes;

Call their bluff. Take another identical car for a test drive with the service manager (or whoever told this tall tale) in the passenger seat.

I checked out a few forums, this seems to have a number of posts with the same problem. One resoulution was a bent wheel, but this post might be of help. Others were able to return the car. https://www.brickboard.com/AWD/volvo/162376/XC50/XC60/XC70/XC90/vibration_problem_defintively_y_totally_solved.html