2015 Kia Sorento headlights too dim

My 2015 Sorento headlites are dangerously dim, especially the lw beams

Then get new headlights bulbs. If they’re the original I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re getting dim by this point. You can also purchase brighter headlights, but note that they don’t last as long as regular halogen bulbs do

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They shouldn’t be dim in only 3 years . I would say something else is going on . I have 10 year old halogens and they are as bright as when they were new .

Try new, brighter bulbs. Under $50. Worth a try.

More than likely the HID headlight ballast requires replacement.


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these are supposed to last much longer than halogen bulbs, are they not?

More information needed. Are they halogens or HIDs? Is this sudden or have they always been problematic?

Are you sure it’s not the “Day time running” lights that on, instead of the low beams?

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Should I approach the dealer about the ballast. This car has bumper to bumper and that should be covered?

It is only the low beams that are the problem. I bought this
about a year ago and they have always been this bad.

Not sure what bulbs are in it? I will find out

No, I am not sure. Am trying to be sure but I think it is the low beams. As you said they are dangerous. Cant see 50 ft

Why did you not have the lights checked as soon as you noticed they did not work like you thought they should. Apparently this is a used vehicle so only the dealer can say if this is a covered item. All that you can do is have them looked at and have the problem fixed. No one here can really see what the lights are like so all than be done is guess.

Kia Sorento is one of many vehicles with headlights rated Poor by the IIHS - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

I did complain as soon as we noticed the proble, with in a cpl days. We did not test drive the car at night and it was a few more days after we took it home until we did drive it at nite.

  This 2015 still is under 40K miles and is still under original warrantyAND we bought the extended warranty.  I will not buy another car from that dealer. No help.  They just say "that's how the lites are on new model cars".  And tell me to go on line and but LED bulbs?

I need a way to contact KIA direct

Thank you all for your in-put

That’s impossible. The filament in halogen lamps are consumed as they are used. In addition, the vaporized material re-deposits on the interior of the lamp surfaces and further reduces output. They may seem as bright as new but they are not. It’s like glaucoma, it gradually progresses so you don’t notice it until it’s so bad they aren’t effective anymore. Yours are still effective but they have gone down in output unless yours can defy the laws of physics… :wink:


I can guarantee that the desired info is contained in your Owner’s Manual.

Not only the Owners Manual but the OP could have asked the dealer , did a simple web search or even gone to a different dealer.
Frankly , the suggestion by the dealer to replace the bulbs makes sense. They can’t do it because of warranty issues but the owner could .

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why can’t they replace bulbs or at least diagnose the problem if it is a bad ballast or what ever. The car has a bumper to bumper full warranty as well as an extended warranty I purchased.

  All they did was shrug their shoulders and proclaim that that's just how these cars are!!

  But I am going to check the owners manual.  I should have thought of that.

Have you fixed this problem. I am having the same issue.

No, and KIA seems very arrogant about it. I called them direct, I went to a different dealer, they all say that it is just the way they are.

  My lenses are not cloudy of fogged.  The low beams are just not brite enough.  It is dangerous.

  If you find a solution or anyone sympathetic at KIA please let me know