2015 Kia Sorento headlight bulbs still dim

dealer replaced the head light bulbs and the still very dimm

I assume you have halogen lights. Some vehicles just meet the minimum requirement. Not much can be done. One thing is to ask if they are correctly aimed.
Usually bulb replacement is designed to owner serviceable. Check your owners manual (or YouTube videos) on the procedure. Then at an auto parts store look at bulbs. You will find there are different levels of ‘brightness’ and color. You might try a brighter bulb, be aware, brighter bulbs have a shorter lifespan.

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BTW, If you are tempted by an LED conversion, I would recommend against it. We see quite a few posts that experience electrical problems after installing LEDs.

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How does the plastic on your headlights look? If it’s looking cloudy, go to an autoparts store and get a kit to polish and clear them up. It’s amazing how much of a difference this can make

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Dim lights usually means that not enough voltage is getting to them for some reason. Make sure that 12 volts is getting to the areas it needs to along with a good ground for the lights. If these lights are HID then make sure the ballast transformers are getting the proper input voltage, but don’t try to measure the output side to the lights.

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) tests and rates headlights. Many vehicles are inadequate or barely adequate according to them. Look it up - yours may be one of those that does not have good lighting, even when new, with fresh plastic and new bulbs.

Good advice above. Good luck and please let us know if something helps.

Where do I look it up