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2013 Kia Soul - Smoke

My Kia Soul has 90k miles on Iran’s has developed a bit of a smoking problem. About 5-10 minutes into my drive, smoke starts pouring from under the hood, it smells really bad (like a combination of burnt toast and melting rubber.

I recently changed the oil in my Kia Soul and spilled a little on to the engine as I was doing so. I mopped it up as best I could, but I’m sure a splash got somewhere I can’t reach. I know you’re going to tell me the smoke is from the spilled oil, but I’m not convinced - it smells very different to burning oil and seems to be coming from the opposite side of the engine. Any ideas?

Yes , I have an idea . Have an independent shop look at this before you have a fire. It can’t be seen over the web ( I tried ) . It might not be serious but why take a chance.