2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited wheels squeal

2015 Jeep Rubicon, 6-spd manual, 90k miles, maintenance performed at regular intervals.

Wheels squeal loudly at low speeds (

Don’t you mean tires ? If not tires then you should have the bearings checked . It would help to know if this is a recent complaint .

Could also be brake pad squealers. Pads might be worn.

You are not driving around in 4 wheel drive on pavement are you? I had a neighbor with a 70s Suburban many years ago the had me replace the starter on it.

While I was working on it, he asked me why his tires were squealing when he was going up the ramps in his parking garage. After questioning him I found out he always drove in 4 wheel drive. This was the old part time system with high and low range. He said, what is the point of having 4 wheel drive if you don’t use it.

I told him, there is no point of having 4 wheel drive for him. He didn’t go off road, skiing, or hunting and he didn’t live anyplace that isn’t plowed well before he went to work