2015 Jeep Wrangler - engine won't turn with the key

at first look like the RPM was to high from the take off after a stop. Then all the dash light came on at once. 1 KM after got home. Turn off the engine and ever since the engine won’t turn using the key. If I bypass the starter selenoid the fuse box. The engine crank but wont start

First things first – manual, or automatic transmission? If manual, note that it’ll start only if the transmission is in neutral or the clutch is depressed. So the neutral switch and/or the clutch position switch could have gone bad. If automatic, it’ll start only if the transmission is in park. So the park switch could have gone bad. Also make sure that the battery terminals are tight, if the ground is loose it won’t start even if lights come on etc. Beyond that it’ll take a scan tool to figure out the problem.

Sounds like another Fiat/Chrysler vehicle falling victim to the infamous TIPM.


For fails to crank usually the quickest path to what’s wrong is a simple voltage test at the starter motor. with key in “start” the voltage at both starter motor terminals (thick wire and thin wire) should be at least 10.5 volts. Use a volt meter and probe between the terminal and the starter case, everything connected as usual. If both are 10.5 volts or above and it doesn’t crank, replace the starter motor. If either is below 10.5 volts, work backwards towards the battery to find out why. If the latter could be battery, battery connections, safety switches (per two posts above), ignition switch, fuse, or the post above, TIPM (computerized power module). This isn’t the sort of problem where a replace this, replace that approach is likely to be successful. Suggest to get a mechanic w/Jeep experience working it. Once they give you the diagnosis then you can decide to do the parts replacement yourself if you like.