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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Died

I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.7 hemi. I went out to start it the other day to warm it up and after about 2 or 3 minutes it turned itself off. Went to start it back and it will not even attempt to turn over. I do have power inside the vehicle but it is acting as if my motor is just dead. Does anyone else think this would be a TIPM issue? All signs I am seeing is pointing to that but I want to be postive before a dealership tries to screw me out of $1200. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Before you start suspecting anything you have to do basic truble shooling to check out the battery, alternator, ignition switch, solenoid, starter, wiring and relays. You don’t need a dealer necessarily, you need a mechanic who follows logical diagnostic trees, not a gosh and guess parts replacer, who after replacing everything he can think of, throws up his hands and says “it has to be the computer” I have had two guys who wanted to replace my computer. Both times it was not the computer.

I’ve done a battery test and have ventured through the relays and wires when the problem showed itself. The fact it turned itself off tells me its likely nothing to do with the starter. It’s a lemon 2011 Jeep so who really knows. From what I’ve read this a common problem.

You did some research and are saying a new tipm and install and programming will cost 1200? They might agree or they might find something else. You have not found something else on your own. So, what’s the next step?

Wgeb yiu say it won’t attempt to start, do you mean it won’t crank or it won’t fire? I also don’t know what it means to venture among the wires and relays. Do you have spark and fuel? Do you have any codes? Can you hear the fuel pump spool up when you turn on the key?

A lemon is a new car with problems, not a 9 year old one.