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2015 Jeep Wrangler - Clicks

Was told by jeep dealer that my jeep needed lifter and cam replaced due to ticking noise. Jeep has about 80,000 Miles. Curious about costs to replace and if this is a common issue

You could have gotten a cost at the same time you were told of the problem . And even if it is a common problem it still needs to be fixed. But any shop might be able to do this for less money then a dealer so check online reviews for a good independent shop .

The dealer told me it would cost $2,287. They just started throwing out numbers and telling me I need this and that and oh yeah this and that. Basically got the feeling they were not telling me the truth so I wil be getting a second or third opinion, but was trying to get a general idea of cost or see if anyone else has had the same problem and the cost to fix it. Thanks