2015 Jeep Renegade - Vibration

i have a 2015 jeep renegade latitude with 32000 miles on it when i power the jeep on it runs fine but when I’m driving in come to a stop like a light or stop sign i get a vibration in the steering wheel that i can also feel in my seat in the passenger seat but when putting the jeep in park the vibration is not as strong as in breaking

How many miles on this Jeep?

I’d say you have a warped brake (not break) rotor and a bit of engine vibration while idling - that is generally normal but the brakes should be checked, especially the fronts.

Sorry was typing fast I meant to say ( brake) but the Jeep has 32,000 miles on it…and thank you

32k miles reinforces my diagnosis… brake rotors. Probably time for new brake pads, too.

Ok great I’ll have them checked out thanks a lot

If the shop tells you that you need brake pads and new rotors don’t be surprised. Most shops don’t machine rotors anymore. Here’s info if interested.