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Big Vibrations!

My 99’ Jeep Cherokee has about 108,000 miles on it and has started to vibrate much more than usual when it is idle or going really slow. This started happening after I heard something almost sound like a crack under the hood. It’s never been a quiet car, but lately the shaking is happening so much that I’m worried that the car is going to brake down when I’m at a stoplight.

Another strange feature is now when I drive the car for more than 5 minutes, the fan continues to go after the car is turned off. This started happening the same day all the vibrating started as well.

Anyone know what might be going on under the hood? If so, do you know how much it might cost to fix it?

Many many things could be going on under the hood, and with just that info there’s not much point in blindly speculating.

Your Jeep is having some real problems. The sooner you take it to someone to look it over the more you’ll probably save in the long run.

Don’t take it to any car repair chain shops. You also don’t need a dealer. You just need a regular, local mechanic.

At idle, a common reason for vibration is a busted motor mount. This is an easy part to replace yourself, in a Jeep. You can test this by having a friend rev the gas in neutral and then in drive while you watch the engine. If I am right the engine will move about four inches in drive or neutral.
If you have the work done I would guess $100 to $200.