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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee clicks noisily is when shifting into D

seems noisy clicks when when changing from park to D…when on a slope and changing into reverse jumps back into park.

You are placing a great load on the transmission when parked on anything other than flat ground and relying on “park” to hold the vehicle, use the parking brake to hold the vehicle when parked on hills. See pages 466-468 of the owners manual.

"When parking on a hill, it is important to turn the front
wheels toward the curb on a downhill grade and away
from the curb on an uphill grade. Apply the parking
brake before placing the shift lever in PARK, otherwise
the load on the transmission locking mechanism may make it difficult to move the shift lever out of PARK. The parking brake should always be applied whenever the driver is not in the vehicle."

owners of jeep grand cherokees are advised
Owners are advised to park their vehicles carefully. Drivers should always look to make sure the transmission is in Park before taking their foot off the brake and getting out. Drivers should also apply the parking brake every time they park.
says the authorities.

Are there any recalls out on your Jeep? Check and make sure there aren’t

This is the only one related to the transmission: