2015 Jeep Cherokee - service transmission light

Service transmission light comes on and shuts down tranny until you park it for a while

Obviously, have the transmission serviced. The light is telling you there’s a problem. The fact that the vehicle is shutting down is telling you there’s a problem. Now I’m telling you there’s a problem. Have it towed to a good independent transmission shop.


The most important word in the sentence above is “independent”.
If the OP takes it to a chain-run place like Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO, he will undoubtedly be told that he needs a new/overhauled transmission, even if a far cheaper repair is all that is needed.

hopefully they can find an easy problem . Replacing that ZF designed 8 speed that FCA uses will cost a fortune if he doesnt have an extended warranty or less than 60000 miles on it .

Uh, my 2015 Cherokee has a 9 speed transmission. I recall that when I was researching prior to buying, some version of a 9 speed was the only available transmission, whether 4 cyl. or 6 cyl., 2wd or 4wd.