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2015 Jeep Cherokee - Mousse or Mouse?

I have small bits of foam coming out of my defrost when I run it- had the dealership look at it, air and cabin filters are good. Now the last time I used the defrost foam and bird seeds are on the dash! My guess it’s a mouse- how do I get rid of that? The dealer sai he didn’t see any sign of mice??

Maybe a mouse with rabies lol.

Check the cabin air filter again. A popular place for mice to build. I have heard that mice do not like the smell of mint–you can buy mint drops in the supermarket. But, the thing that really helped me was using traps to reduce the general mouse population in the area where I park my car.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly… I’ll try the mint, traps, and see about the cabin filter again

What you’re seeing is the foam that’s applied to the blend/mode doors so they don’t make noise when they open and close.

Over time, this foam and the adhesive used to attach it breaks down and foam pieces blow out the vents.


But in a 2015? Kind of soon for that to happen, I’d think.

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I had bird seeds along with the foam so that’s what makes me think it’s mice

Where do I put the mint drops once I buy that?

Any advice on mint placement?

Maybe the mouse chewed up some of the foam and the unconsumed crumbs are blowing out of the vents.

Exactly. I was commenting on Tester’s idea.

Seed like debris that falls from trees can get sucked into the hvac system through the air vents located under the windshield. Do you ever park your car with the windows down, doors open enough that rodents can jump into the passenger area?