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2015 Hyundai Genesis - Buying used

I’m looking to buy a 2015 genesis 5.0 I’ve read a lot about it online and besides a couple of silly electric issues it seems pretty bulletproof. But I would like to ask if there is anything else that I should look out when I’m buying one

Most here give the same reply to anyone searching for a used car… Pay your mechanic to inspect the car before you buy it. Not the selling dealer’s mechanic, yours, paid by you. Best $100 you will ever spend. They can’t find un-seeable electrical issues, but they may find other things that may send you to another car.

The best thing about a Hyundai is a transferable warranty to the used car buyer for 5 years or 60,000 miles of powertrain coverage. You have roughly 2 years left and you are likely buying off lease so only 36K miles or so on the car and the original owner ate the biggest bite of the depreciation.

Though not the 5.0, my father bought the '15 AWD new and it has been nearly issue free. I think he has about 30k miles.

  • There was a tire recall early on as the original set was so soft some drivers reported flat spots.
  • The car is quiet inside but more recently we can hear a very soft sound like that reminds me of someone shuffling a deck of cards. The dealer can’t locate it.
  • The rear-right turn signal has stopped working multiple times. For that it has been into the dealer 3 times. Makes me think they don’t know what’s wrong with it.

I would add to Mustangman’s comment and suggest that, if it is out of warranty, you have a mechanic who is not from the dealership look it over. In my own experience with a different vehicle, I wasted a half grand taking it to two dealerships for a pre-purchase inspection. They told me different things, explained nothing, and listed exorbitant repair prices. So for the first time ever I went to an indepentant mechanic and what a difference! He took the time to make sure I understood the impact of each issue and price was so much more reasonable.

Good luck in your search! Finding a new vehicle is always exciting.

This is an interesting model to buy used. It was a Hyundai in 2015, now it is its own brand. I’d be interested to know who will service that vehicle, Hyundai or Genesis (they occupy the same physical space but have different services). It would also be wise to look closely at the Certified Pre-Owned Program and see how they are handling that. If you have not found yours yet, please consider CarTalk’s partner site, BestRide for your search. The test drivers at BestRide chose the Genesis G80 as their top car pick in 2016. See what they said about it here.

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According to CR’s data, its overall owner reliability is below average. Most systems are better or much better than average. Only these systems are much worse than average: Noises/Leaks, Power Equipment, In-Car Electronics. Below average reliability doesn’t mean yours will be troublesome, or that most owners don’t like the vehicle.

I’m curious what the electrical issues are. Issues like these can sometimes be difficult to track down and fix.

Here’s another vote for a pre-purchase inspection by a good independent mechanic.

As w/any luxury model there’s bound to be some problems, especially w/the automated electronic gadgets like the audio, navigation, blue-tooth, door locks, etc. For most of that stuff all that’s needed is a software update. If you require little to no repair problems beyond basic maintenance, better to seek out an econobox like a Civic, Corolla, M3 or the like. For the other stuff on the 5L Genesis, I’m seeing some issues w/California’s emissions testing, tires, tail-lights, parking brake switch/indicator, instrument cluster, A/T. That’s not a car that would attract my attention, I’m a roll-up window kind of guy, but it seems like an ok choice if you prefer more of a high end ride, with all the bells and whistles. If you live in California, and your location requires emission testing, before buying this car make sure you understand what those issues are exactly.