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2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0

Hello everyone! Looking at a 2015 Genesis with 63,000 mi 1 owner clean fax…
I wanted to ask if this is a generally reliable car or not… i always thought the 5.0 genesis had to be reliable until coming across us news article saying … Reliability: J.D. Power Ratings Logo 2 stars!
Would you stay away ?

Stay away! these cars are plagued with electrical problems.


How do i get more responses?

By going on the internet and looking for Genesis 5.0 enthusiast websites and or forums?

If we don’t own the vehicle, we really wont have the info you are looking for…it’s not like we all receive communique’s from Hyundai on this model each month and are keeping you in the dark.

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Right trust me i was thinking “we all” receive secret info on that car… shux

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A 2015 with 63,000 miles will have zero warranty coverage to you as a second owner (the 10-year 100,000 powertrain warranty is only valid for the original owner). Therefore, it does not make sense to spend this kind of money on a used car which will be sold “as-is”. You can buy a much older car for a fraction of the price, which will have just as much “reliability”, and just as good of a warranty as this Genesis.


If I said “we don’t receive communique’s from Hyundai on this model”, I would understand your response.

My advice about the forums was solid and is worth looking into as that is where the information you seek, will reside. Or you can skip past that as well, your choice. I know what I would do.

True but extended warranties are $1,500 bucks what other car for 16-18k is going to be this fully loaded overall with a 420 horsepower v8 … i see what your saying but idk what other value buys are comparable that will not break down ok you. That are still luxury and fast etc

First of all, any “extended warranty” other than the Certified Pre-Owned warranty offered by the manufacturer itself is worthless. Third-party “extended warranties” offered by insurance companies have more loopholes than our tax code, and will almost never pay for a needed repair. One of these loopholes is that when a major failure such as the engine or transmission occurs, you will be asked to provide proof of proper maintenance (such as oil change receipts) from when the car was new. Since you bought it used, there is no way to do this.

Second, there are lots of luxurious cars from the late 1990s to mid 2000s which will provide a comfortable ride and excellent performance for a fraction of that $16-18k asking price. Also, you don’t need anywhere near 420hp for the car to feel “fast”. Off-the-line acceleration depends on torque at low RPMs, rather than the maximum hp which the engine can achieve at high RPMs.

That someone true I mean there’s definitely tons of loopholes with these extended warranties but I personally know many people they have an extended warranty for two grand or less and every single thing that I’ve ever had to replace on their car costed 1000, 2000 etc. it definitely pays for it self on a car that’s going to need some meats also know I don’t understand what cars are saying our fast for cheap I mean and luxury what are you referring to I want something modern

And just where are you going to take advantage of 420 Horsepower anyway. Genesis is a low production vehicle so if you are concerned about reliability then you are looking at the wrong type of vehicle.

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This may be my own personal opinion and preference, but take a look at a 2015 Lexus LS 460. It’s got all the features of a modern car (with a V8) and lots of luxury with the reliability of Toyota. Only problem is, they usually go for 30k, where as a Genesis goes for 15k. If you want better fuel economy, look at a non-v8 car, such as a Lexus GS 350 or an IS 350, or even an RC 350 if you want a coupe. Those are fairly less expensive than a LS 460 (2016 GS350 average price: $30k, 2016 ES 350 average price: $25k, 2014 IS 350 average price: $17k, 2015 RC 350 average price: $23k.) This is just a suggestion, keep that in mind

I completely agree those lexus models are what im looking at and comparing to!

If you want to spend your money on a V8, go with a IS F. Those things are quick and fun to drive, as well as practical. Those are generally pretty cheap used.

That Hyundai has a bad record on Consumer Reports too, so three sources with lots more info than anyone here say it’s a bad bet.

First, ignore Vroom! Vroom! You don’t need a V8. You need reliable transportation. Mazdas are generally peppy and if you look you can find a certified 6 with leather for under $17k. Go to and put in your desired specs and how far away: certified sedan with leather, within 10 mi. You’ll probably turn up hundreds of cars that are better all around than the Genesis. Once you’ve gravitated toward something come back and ask again. For example, there’s a certified 2017 Optima near me with leather and 31k for under $16k.

Naaa man im not doing another 4 cyl ill consider a good 6 forsure but i like v8 sedans.

Okay, you can do a certified Taurus or Camry with a V6 and leather for around $18k. Or a Hyundai Azera with under 30k and the balance of the 50k powertrain warranty for around $16k. Any of those ought to be sufficient for whatever you need to prove.

Yea i agree i like all those and lexus gs350 is350 for under 20