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Suggest Me First Car?

Hi there!
I’m open for all suggested but there is what I would like to buy inform me up about those. Should I buy one of them or not? If you were me would you buy those? if you wouldn’t let me know what car would you like to buy instead those.

Here My List:

Honda Accord 2010
Kia Forte 2010+
Hyundai Accent 2010+
Ford Fusion 2010+
Nissan Maxima / Altima
Volkswagen Jetta / Passat

Here we go there is my list but as an additional I gotta say something I learned:

As I learned on websites Nissan, Ford, VW, Hyundai, KIA and more have transmission problem I saw on all comments in the USA. It is really scared me. That’s why I’m writing there…

I could find those around 5.000$ (2010+, 100.000 - 130.000miles)
but while surfing on net everyone saying:
VW is not cheap to maintain and (If I would buy VW is not gonna be brand new so if something goes with engine I can’t compensate it)
Nissan has a lot of CVT problems (same as VW)
Ford is not reliable anymore in the USA (same as VW)
Hyundai and KIA are broke down easily and they might not see 200.000mile (same as VW)
Honda (IDK Japan but used for 10 years but the thing is civic feels old even they made of at same years. Seems old)

Guys could you let me know about them which brand is reliable? Which one would you buy for used?
What could be happen if I I buy (Nissan, Ford, KIA or Hyundai except Honda) could it be bad (2010+ 100.000 - 130.000 miles)? And can I use them at least to 200.000miles because even I buy as used they will be around 100.000 - 130.000miles? BTW I really liked the appearance of maxima, forte, and fusion…

Why does someone think they can buy a 5000.00 used vehicle and have it reach 200000 miles. Your list is all over the place and it is possible that the ones that had problems have been fixed or they could have problems on your way home with your recent purchase .

Just do like a normal person - find something you like in your price range - have a shop inspect for things that might be wrong with - that does not mean something won’t break - drive it and hope for decent service.

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Let’s not kid ourselves here. None of the models you have mentioned are especially reliable, and buying a 10-year old model for around $5k isn’t a good deal. It’s too old to have a warranty, but still too expensive to cut bait and run if the car ends up being a money pit.

I would recommend going much older, and buying a 15-20 year old Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry (only consider the V-6 model if it’s a 2002-2007), Honda Civic, or Honda Accord (4-cylinder model) instead. An older car will be much cheaper, allowing more money to be put into repairs and maintenance, but can still be just as reliable as a 10-year old model. Around here, the best “bang for your buck” that you can buy used is a 1997-2001 Toyota Camry or 2000-2005 Toyota Corolla.


Skip the VW, they’re money pits. If the Nissan’s have CVT’s skip them. The Ford Fusion (or a Focus if you can find one) before 2012 would be ok to look at. Honda’s I worry about the automatic transmissions primarily. My best advice to you, would be to take Volvo’s advice. Find something in your price range, take it on a good test drive, then have it inspected by YOUR mechanic. It’s not a perfect solution, but when you’re looking at used cars this old, it’s probably the best chance you can give yourself for success. Make sure you have money set aside for repairs, you’re looking at cars a decade old, things break as cars age.


If reliability and repair costs are important to you, consult the data in Consumer Reports. Their April issue is always devoted the cars, new and used. They also publish magazines for new car buyers and for used car buyers.

You are looking at older cars, and you might need to find an older issue of CR that covers the model year you are considering.


Just thoughts My friend has a Toyota Corolla 2004 on miles still hasn’t even a single problem and he is not take care of it. How much it could be 2004 Corolla, that’s what I mean. Yes that’s not mean every car would be same as it but if I buy used well maintained car at least I would expect struggle to 200.000 mile and all options will be 2010 and around 100.000 - 130.000 mile. Better than 2004 either way.

Not necessarily so. A well maintained 2004 anything could be better that a 2010 that did not receive timely oil changes . Put the year and miles out your thoughts and let anything you look at stand on its own merits . Don’t you have a relative or friend to go with you to look at vehicles or are you just playing around on Craigslist type places . Also this is your first vehicle so you might be young enough to have really high insurance rates so that should be in your budget plan.


The days of “it was only driven on Sundays by a little old lady” being an indicator of a good used car are long gone. Excellent maintenance is the biggest factor in the potential remaining life of a used car.

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I’ve been thinking the same way
Actually I don’t care the maintain cost of course all used car would have cost (brake replace, oil change, fluid etc…) but the thing is I don’t want problem that cause replace the engine It’d be cost same price as the car. Other way of course used cars will be cost I know that but If everyone says that if I buy used medium maintenance 2010+ (100-130k mile) Fusion, Forte, Maxima, Accent I would have a problem with engine even I care of them but they couldn’t stand at least to 200k miles I will not choose them because the engine will cost as themselves price but you think they would struggle at least 200k with maintain problem why wouldn’t I buy them they will be cheaper then Japan.

I’m looking places as you said and dealers to find out maintained car but the point is if them maintained enough should I buy them instead Honda even they have same price (or less price then honda) but same mile, year and maintain do you think them will struggle to 200k with minor problems? (I have someone to look at the vehicle to check out)

Yeah maintenance is biggest factor but
What if I found same year, close miles, maintained good car (Kia Forte, Ford Fusion, Honda Civic)
Would you buy them instead Honda even honda cost more them they price? or second option if find honda that have same price as them what would you buy If you were me?

I think Honda Civic really seems bad even made at same years then them. They feels more nicer but they are not Japan do you know what I mean thats make me scare. If I buy them because they looks nice I dont want a problem with that would cause replace engine.

I’ve said this many times in this forum…any used car the biggest factor is how well it was maintained. Manufacturer is secondary.


Oh come on , where are you getting all these strange ideas . How many times do you have to be told that any brand or model can be good or bad when you are looking at used vehicles . Just look around the parking lot at Walmart and you will see all kinds of old vehicles that are still on the road.

And what do you mean by they are not Japan ?

KIA, Hyundai are Korean cars and they have a bad past with recalls, quality, engine problems and other things but a lot of people saying they are not same right now or FORD is American Manufacturer a lot of people saying they not sturdy as a Japan cars and not reliable.

That’s why I am asking even they maintained well should I buy them?

The 2006-2009 Civic has problems with the engine blocks cracking and leaking coolant, the warranty was extended to 8 years.
Used cars are not all the same, some are to be avoided.

… and Honda’s record with automatic transmissions is pretty crappy.
Additionally, as Nevada stated, certain model years for Civics have had engine problems.
In addition to cracked engine blocks, there have been a significant number of head gasket problems with certain Civics.

I’m in agreement with MikeinNH. Maintenance is the biggest factor when it comes to the condition of most used cars.

I know my opinion is at odds with the majority, but I have never found Euro cars to be any more problematic than anything else and say that as a mostly half Euro/half Asian auto mechanic with a dab of Italian thrown in.
The trashing SAABs get has amused me at times. It’s amazing how many shops refuse to work on them due to their weirdness but the are not as problematic as perceived and I personally enjoy working on them. Most of that work involved maintenance and normal wear items such as brakes and so on.

My oldest son bought a 2015 Jetta new 5 years ago and other than lube services and one set of tires that car has been perfect with not one visit for any warranty issues.

Keep in mind that the majority of complaints are self-inflicted although the car owners will not admit to nor even realize that is the case.
The guy who sued Toyota some years ago because a ball joint snapped on a Tacoma pickup and sent him sliding to the ditch. According to him that should not happen at 107k miles. Well, that is what preventative maintenance is for and is listed in every owners manual; chassis and steering inspection.

My 2 cents which are probably pointless.


GOOD used car
GOOD longevity/reliability


97,98,99,00 honda civic, manual trans…new timing belt water pump kit, fail safe thermostat installed…pour gas in and drive crap out of it, solid “almost” bullet proof car…the tech community blogs will answer anything that happens with it, and there just isnt much that goes wrong with them, parts are cheap and mods are plentiful, looks thanks to fast and furious movies 300 different manufactures of everything from bolt on performance to gull wing doors available

B series and D series motors hyper reliable to around 300k miles, 1 day to rebuild motor in and out maybe 3 days if needs machine work…junk motors are going for about $300 in east tn for these

Just solid little cars with a MASSIVE support online

I’ve owned 2, a 96 and 98, never left me stranded…98 had 400k on it when sold, still brought $2500

Change oil, check fluids and drive

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I worked with a guy who leased good reliable vehicles (Acura’s, Lexus’s…)…but during that 2 year lease he’d NEVER EVER do any maintenance…not even an oil change. I’d never buy one of those vehicles he use to own.


Very true. The leased car gets neglected and the next person to buy it curses the brand when those lessee caused problems show up; as they always will at some point.