2015 Hyundai Equus - Air spring issue

I have a 2015 Hyundai Equus Signature. Purchased with 17,000 Mi. The right front Air Spring developed a leak around the fitting. I ordered a set of OEM Rebuilt from RMT. They only do OEMs. I had to pay a Core charge and was refunded after returning mine. They recommended I have the Sensors calibrated after replacing the Air Springs. So I took it to the Hyundai shop where I purchased it from and that’s where my problem started. It went in the shop with the front end pumped up and left with the front end just above the front fenders. I took it in because of the recommendation of RMT (Rebuilt Mfg Tech) out of South FL. The shop excuse was they couldn’t get air in the Springs because they were not OEMs. That prove to be a lie because they were OEMs just rebuilt with Hyundai parts. They wanted me to purchase their Air Springs at the tune 5 t0 6K including a Solenoid Valve Block which they said was bad. I had no way or means of checking it so I replaced the Valve. I had to call Hyundai Customer Care and told them was was happening. A Rep contacted me about two weeks later listen to my complaint and issued me a Case number. Told me to take it to the Service Shop and present it to the Service Manager. When I did that they jumped right on the car and the next day the Service Manager called me and said they were able to get air in the Springs. I left it there several days before picking it up. He said there was no charge. However when I had taken it in for Sensor Cal they had charged me $100. The cost was suppose to be $120 but since they had messed up they only charged me a $100. So when I went to pick it up the front end was up and looked normal. After a couple days I noticed the right rear end looked a little higher than the left. I measured from the fender to the center of the wheel and found the right side was about an inch higher than the left. I didn’t want to take it back for fear of them messing something else up. But then I noticed it starting pulling to the right. This was several months after picking it up. So finally after my daughter when she drove it mentioned that it was pulling to the right also I decided to take it in. I figured I would also mention the rear end being uneven. Well when they brought it around I looked at it and the right rear was low and the left was higher and as far as the pulling he said the Solenoid Valve Block was bad (the one I had replaced earlier). Said that was the reason for the pulling because they could not level the car . Cost to replace with labor $1150. I had them call my Insurance co. they approved it, that was in December the part is on backorder and ETA is last of February 2022. When I left the shop with the condition reversed the next couple days I noticed when going over a bump I would hear a clunking noise. Sounded like it was coming from the left side. I took it back because I thought maybe in the process of trying to find what was causing the pulling the Tech might have loosen something and forgot to re-torque it. It sounded like a Stabilizer Bar Link. My Insurance deductible is $100 they want me to pay $60 above that to replace the right side Stabilizer. I cancelled the repair order and ordered both the OEM Stabilizer Bar Links for $39.85 and I’ll replace them myself (the Lord is my helper). The Bottom Line is: I don’t think the Technician understands how to operate the Scanner and is not thoroughly familiar with the Air Suspension System. When the problem started in late November 2020, I had less than 43K now I have around 49K. That’s an indication of how long the problem has been on going. I wish I could find me a Scanner for the Hyundai Air Suspension System. They have the only one in town. So I’m stuck with them unless I go to another city. Between you and me I don’t think replacing the Solenoid Valve Block will fix the problem, but, we’ll see. It’s going to cost me a $100 to find out.

Someone else may be able to offer a suggestion, but I refuse to even attempt to read that “wall of text” which is lacking any paragraph breaks. If you re-format your post, you will be able to get more people to read it.


never heard of them. are you talking about air bags? air shocks?

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Pneumatic cylinder with shock absorber assembly or air spring for short.

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