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2015 Honda Civic - bad idea?

I am thinking about buying a 2015 Honda Civic LX, with over 35k miles. Does anyone think this is a bad idea?

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Have a mechanic look it over for about 100 to 125 dollars then you will have some idea if it in good shape . Without seeing the vehicle or driving it a web assessment is impossible.

The car is barely broken in. This car will go to 300K miles if you treat it right.


I’ll second this. If there’s a serious issue with the car, there’s a good chance a mechanic would find it before you buy it.

Great idea, IF inspected, and IF the price is reasonable.

The mileage would not bother me if an inspection comes out clean and the price is right. The car has been on the road for 3 years so the mileage is normal; or even a bit below all depending.

The caveat would be if the car spent a year on the back lot after being hit by a Burlington Northern freight train and then rebuilt; or cobbled together OR if it has been overheated or run out of oil at some point.

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Who is selling it and why?
Rental agency? Private person? Dealership?

The answers to those questions may help answer your questions.

the lease is up on my 15’ civic next week. probably will buy it. yep, 35k miles. or is it 36k?
i dont feel all warm and fuzzy about the CVT trans going 300k miles though

Wife has the same car and there is one big problem with it…the original battery lasted only 2 years. Replaced battery (under warranty) with a more powerful one due to the ferocius use of electronics in this car.