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What should I ask when buying a used Honda Civic?

hey about to buy a 2009 honda civic si sedan just wanted to find out the questions I should ask for when buying

Same questions you would ask about any used vehicle . But don’t expect an honest answer . Have it looked at by a good mechanic for immediate problems .

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A car salesman would LIE??? Heaven Forbid!

Tongue firmly in cheek, car salesmen would lie to their own mothers to make a sale. Trust nothing unless it is in writing and always have YOUR mechanic (not the seller’s) give the car a once-over before you buy it. Best $100 or so you’ll ever spend.

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yea your right thanks!

it has 161k miles for 5500 but i was like I heard honda last forever but yes take it to a honda dealer is a great ideal

With proper maintenance most vehicles will last a long time ( but not forever ) . Not cared for vehicles can be ready for the crusher real soon.

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  1. ask for service records. 2) ask your mechanic for his or her opinion.3) ask yourself why you want to buy something with 161,000 miles.
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If the vehicle in question has an automatic transmission, the OP would be extremely foolish to buy it if the seller can’t prove–through hard copies of service invoices–that the transmission has been properly serviced. Because that service should be done every 30k miles, the OP would want proof that the trans fluid and filter have been changed at least 5 times.

At 160k+ miles, the transmission is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, but it can probably be used for another year or two if the trans has been serviced properly. If it hasn’t been serviced properly, it is at the very end of its lifespan.

I’d take it to a good independent mechanic for the pre-purchase inspection. You don’t have to take it to the Honda dealer.

Agreed on taking it to an independent mechanic instead of the Honda dealer.

I’m sure the dealer has a lot of fine people. But they also have a vested interest in selling you another car. Which might potentially cloud their inspection…

I buy cars with 150k miles for 500$. Not $5k. Why not tweak your budget and get one with 75k miles?