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Grinding noise when steering wheel is turned to the right

Hello, first time posting on a car repair forum. Does anyone know what this noise could be? It only happens when the steering wheel is nearly fully turned towards the right and when the car’s been sitting for a while, the steering wheel also noticeably vibrates.

I thought it was related to the temperature of the engine at first but even if I allow it to cool down for 3-4 hours, the noise doesn’t appear. It only appears when the car has been sitting for longer than that, such as from the afternoon until the morning the next day. The noise completely disappears once the car is up to operating temperature though.
I hear it every single morning when I back out of the garage and then turn right to drive off and it’s really starting to piss me off.

Here’s a link to a video of the noise, from two perspectives: Gofile

It almost sounds like an old ship creaking or something. I’ve had two different shops check it out and both of them were unsure and suggested totally different things. Anyone have a clue what this could be?