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2015 GMC Terrain chimes with no warning light

The car is sometimes beeping/chiming at me. It’s the same sounds it makes when my seatbelt is undone, the gas is low, or other things that usually come with a warning light - but there’s no light. I’ve checked gas, tire pressure, etc. It just happens every so often while I’m driving, maybe every 5 minutes.

Do you have anything on the front passenger seat when this occurs? My briefcase is heavy enough to set off the seat belt chime for the passenger seat of my 2013 Chevrolet Equinox.

Ed B.

Possibly a warning light is not working. When you first turn the key to ON and the instruments light up, check to make sure all the indicators are on. Your owners manual will have a picture of which indicators should be there. There may also be some indicators located outside the instrument panel, e. g. passenger air bag on/off.

While the car is running, push and pull each door a bit while it’s closed to see if perhaps a door-ajar sensor isn’t working quite right.