2015 GMC Sierra 1500 - Wet floor

The drivers side floor/carpet is soaking wet. It appears the water is running down inside dashboard and drips down on the emergency brake pedal. When I pull away the water dumps from under dash over emergency brake pedal. Any suggestions? thx

Clean out the AC condensate drain for starters.

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Thanks…I will give it a try and let know!

do you happen to have a sunroof?

A leaking windshield would also do it. From a quick internet search, it appears it’s not terribly uncommon in GMC trucks of that era to have a poorly-installed windshield seal from the factory.

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It was also the norm with Datsuns many years ago.
My brother’s SPL-311 leaked so much water onto the feet of the passenger that nobody wanted to ride in it a second time during a rain storm. As to why the dealership didn’t fix it when we complained, that can be explained by the fact that Datsun (Nissan) was awarding dealerships in those days to anyone who paid the appropriate fee.

In our case, my brother’s wife bought the cursed new Datsun from a couple of Mafioso brothers who had owned a poorly-reputed used car lot for many years, but Datsun (Nissan) considered them to be reputable enough to reward them with a dealership for their new Datsuns.

In any event, I suggest that the OP visit a well-reputed auto glass shop in his area.

Man, are you dating yourself with that one. :wink:

Am I past my “sell by date”?

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I do not have a sun roof…


Then, that indicates either a clogged HVAC condensate drain, or a bad windshield seal.

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