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2011 Ford Fusion - 4 steering racks!

I purchased my 2011 Fusion in Oct. 2019. I’m about to replace the power steering rack for the 4th time in a car that is 9 years old! I contacted Ford directly and was told they can’t do anything for me, that the car was serviced for the recall in 2018 and the recall is expired. This is my first Ford product I’ve purchased and the last. Why are there no issues with the power steering rack in 2013 to newer models? Did Ford make changes to the rack, ie. place a heat shield over the module or some other fix?

Thanks, Scot

Frustrated Ford owner

If you’re installing steering racks from Ford, stop doing that.

You’re getting the same defective racks that’s causing repeated failures.

Instead, install an aftermarket remanufactured steering rack.

These usually have design updates that address the issues that caused the original design to fail.


Agreed with Tester.

Have you been taking the car to the Ford dealer for repairs? If so, all they can use is the genuine, OEM Ford parts. Which apparently is a bad design, not to mention likely more expensive.

Take the car to an independent, non-dealer mechanic. They can use non-Ford parts that may have an improved design. And likely be cheaper.

I bought the current one from a salvage place near me off a 2012 Fusion because it was cheap. My friend and I installed it then had to have it programmed. I agree with you both. I’m gonna either order a remanufactured rack or see if a local shop can hook me up with one.

Thanks for the advice,


Ford parts will be more expensive but will come with the engineering upgrades and have a 24 month/unlimited miles warranty.

I tend to think that has been an emphasis on repairing the symptom rather than the cause. Since it has electric steering maybe the cause is not even related to the rack itself.

The car is 10 years old and with age electrics do degrade and the dealer is correct. A Recall is a one time fix only.

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It’s a crappy design/faulty part on 2010-2012 fusions. Wish I’d have known prior to purchase. I had a Dodge Stratus for 14 years with no major issues and GM vehicles no major constant problems except for a 2006 Audi. I believe the 2006-2010 Audi A4’s are notorious for electrical failures.