2015 Ford Escape - Trans issue

My escape face similar transmission issue. It first show up the “Transmission Fault, Service Now” warning the first day. And then couldn’t start the second day. It is now under repair on warranty. But I will lost my warranty soon. My question is will this issue repeat after repairment. Did any one know. Thanks.

My Magic 8 Ball says “Possibly Yes, Possibly No”.
You got six years and unknown miles on your vehicle, who knows if there will be a problem in the future.
Perhaps there is a TSB on the issue that will yield a long lasting fix.
One thing Ford (and other manufacturers) do is recommend no transmission service for >100000 miles. It is better to do fluid changes at 30000 mile intervals.

When you get it back, please post the repair report. The repair report will show exactly what the problem was and what was done to repair it.