2013 Ford Escape - Failed transmission

Transmission failed 2013 Ford Escape… Should be recalled and replaced by Ford!,

well, you can look at the bright side. the tranny problem could have saved your life.

16 Recallsfor 2013 FORD ESCAPE


An urgent safety recall has been issued for this vehicle. Use our VIN lookup tool to see if your vehicle is part of this recall.

If your vehicle is part of this recall, the manufacturer has recommended that you stop driving this vehicle immediately .

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You have my sympathy but honestly no car maker is going to recall a 9-year-old out-of-warranty vehicle over a transmission failure. Sorry.


Why would that be? What’s your reasoning? It isn’t overly suprising for a 9 year old transmission to require a relatively expensive repair. Esp if it is an automatic. My Ford truck’s automatic trans needed a complete rebuild job at 11 years. Did your Escape’s transmission fail b/c of a systematic problem with that particular design?

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How often was the transmission fluid serviced over these 10 years?



I’m not and never have been a gambling man but I would wager a beer or two that the trans has never been serviced.

This reminds me of the complaint I read a few months back where a guy thought that GM should recall the failed transmission on his truck.
A 20 year old truck with 206k miles on it…

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At my old job we had a fleet of this gen Escape. 50% of them required a trans fluid change before they hit 10,000 miles. It’s been awhile, but if I remember right there was a shift logic problem that was causing the transmission to slip, which wrecked the fluid early. When the dealership changed the fluid (and charged us for it because they’re jerks) they also reprogrammed the transmission computer. I wonder if OP’s vehicle had the same problem but never got reprogrammed.

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