02 Ford Escape Transmission Failure

With only 54,000 miles and no history of transmission issues my Escape went from 70 to 0 in a matter of seconds. The transmission suffered a “catastrophic failure” (I’ll say) and needs to be replaced. As this seems to be a common thing with these cars I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same experience and if the second transmission had any problems.

The trans in my 2002 Escape died at about 88000 miles, in September 2009. Since it was out of warranty, I took it to a local shop. $2200 and two weeks later, I got my Escape back. In July 2010, it started shifting really hard… It almost gave me whiplash. I took it back to the shop, and got it back after another two weeks. Then, in September 2010, the trans died again. After another two weeks, I got it back again. I took it to a dealer to have them scan the computers, but they found no error codes. So now, I have 2002 Escape with 98000 miles, and I absolutely dread driving it. I used to think it was the greatest vehicle I ever owned, and now I wish it would blow up.