2016 Ford Escape parasitic draw

What causes a parasitic draw on my 2016 Ford Escape battery?

I am assuming the draw drains the battery and this is what you are trying to solve?
How long does it take to drain the battery? Hours, Days or Weeks?
Is the battery in good shape? How old is the battery?

Many things can cause a draw, dome lights are one of the most common.
Along with, Glove box lights, trunk lights, cell phone chargers, aftermarket devices (radar detectors ect.) Sometimes radios and other components can cause a draw that is not easy to find.

Do you have a meter that you can test the draw with? If so what are the numbers you came up with?
And during your test try pulling fuses until the draw drops and then you know where to start looking.

maybe it’s the alternator or it’s belt

All cars have a parasitic draw. The only crucial question is how much in Milliamperes. You need to provide a few details such as whether it is running the battery down and has the draw in Milliamps actually been checked?

Fords have a high draw once the engine is shut off so one needs to allow an hour for the electronics to settle down and go to sleep before checking for a draw.

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If this is the original battery, it may be failing and there is no excessive parasitic draw.