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2015 Dodge Dart remote starter?

I just bought a 2015 dodge dart gt with a manual transmission. the keyfob has a remote starter button but nothing happens when i press it. The car dealer had no idea what was wrong. I’m not sure if this model is even equipped with a remote starter. If it is I definitely want to take it in for servicing. Where would the remote starter be located?

Are you saying a Dodge dealer doesn’t know the location of a factory installed remote starter module?

I bought it at a carmax. Warranty on everything for 75k miles and it is still under manufacturers warranty.

Your FIAT Dart with the manual transmission can’t have remote start.

If the vehicle is parked in gear which some people do, the vehicle can take off with a remote start.


Ok, it wasn’t a Dodge dealership, it was the place that sold you the car – CarMax – that doesn’t know where the remote starter module is. I can see a keyless entry options, but I don’t see any reference to a remote starter option for that car. Maybe somebody here knows more about it. My guess is the key is used on several vehicle so it has that feature, but the car doesn’t.

That’s what I was thinking. There is a climate/remote start setting in the menu on the touch screen. But the only thing I there is a button for the seat heaters when you turn on the car

I believe that Tester had the correct answer.
Manual transmission cars require that the driver depress the clutch pedal in order to active the starter, for obvious safety reasons. That would not be possible with a remote starter, so–as Tester stated–I believe that this feature is only available on models with an automatic transmission.

If I was the OP, I think that I would be pondering the following question:
Why did somebody get rid of this car after only one year–or less?

Did you try the remote with the transmission in neutral (and parking brake on) ?

It is too late now but if I test drove a vehicle and the key fob had a remote start button I would at least like to know if it worked.
The least Carmax should do is arrange for a Dodge dealer to look at it for the OP.
As for being on the market this soon I hope it was a 1 year lease and not traded in because of problems.

The owners manual states that the vehicle must have an automatic transmission for this option;

• The vehicle must be equipped with an automatic
transmission to be equipped with Remote Start.

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Perhaps this should be a signal to the OP to read the Owner’s Manual.

In addition to this detail that puzzled him, there could be many other factoids in that manual that are important for the car’s owner to learn about.

The car didn’t come with a manual, carmax is shipping me one. I did find out like many have already said that the Dodge dart GT comes with remote start but only in auto. Mine is a manual. However aftermarket remote starters are available. The vehicle was a fleet model that was sold due to the business going under. Thanks for all the replies.

You can download the owners manual and keep it on you computer;

+1 MILLion to @VDCdriver !!!

A one year old car sitting at CarMax??? A lease would most likely have gone to a dealer as they are prized on the used car lot as a one year old car. BIG red flag to me.

If the OP is considering adding an after market remote starter to this vehicle maybe someone can explain why that is a really bad idea.

@“VOLVO V70” You mean cause leaving it in gear and remote starting would be an accident waiting to happen? Yeah definitely not planning on adding one.

Thanks @Nevada_545

Just curious, Is a Dodge Dart GT actually a Fiat Dart GT; i.e. there’s no such thing as a Dodge Dart GT? And a 2015 Dodge Dart is a completely different car than the 2015 Fiat Dart?

The Doge Dart is made on a Fiat designed platform/chassis. They are only sold at Dodge dealers, Fiat dealers don’t sell them.

Tx for the clarification :slight_smile: