2015 chevy silverado fuse block - Multiple charge-related issues unresolved

Electronic nightmare. No power anywhere. Started as no ignition. Dealership says bad battery, power cable n fuse block, first 3 times. Continued with issues. Took it to my shop. $1000 later. Same fuse block and power cable. 9ver 2k in in research and call chevy today and tell are no help. Bought to lawyer up. Anyone else having issues?

My biggest peeve is that chevy is giving me the middle finger

Your truck is out of warranty by quite a bit

If you want Chevy to help you . . . I’m not even sure what kind of help you’re imagining . . . you’ll most likely have to pay a Chevy dealership to diagnose and repair the truck

As for the middle finger, may I presume you wanted to have the truck diagnosed and fixed at little or no cost to you?

How about you tell us what the symptoms currently are, what work you’ve done, what you’ve replaced, and so forth

Have a bud, he had 2 batteries, not sure you have 2 batteries, gremlins for a while, then the second battery exploded, fried as they say.

Had it taken in 5 months after I purchased it. Was told positively battery cae and battery. They could solder battery cable with new battery. Not even a month later, was towed back. Then the solder was bad so they replaced the battery cable for free, and then was the the fuse block. Paid for all this at at sunset chevy. Still had issues. Took it my shop with same issues. Fuse block was not tightened. Took it back 3 more times with the same issues. Couldn’t ressepric the issue. In n out the shop 5 tows later. There was a blistered power cable and a jacked fuse block. $3K ISH later, chevy won’t approve the warranty for either bc it wasn’t don’t by them. So. I gotta my shop 3k in work and done paid chevy 1.5k cuz they messed up. Gonna get a lawyer for all this.

Had loss of power, fonzie the battery box and get all power. Headlight flicker, instrument flicker. Lost all power on my to work. Fonzied the battery box a d im back in business. Chevy fixed it. 5 or 6 months later still dealing with issues. Bought my 2015 truck in October of 19 had issues since 4/19. They said they fixed and yet 12/19 same issue. $2000+ later bc chevey didn’t fix it right. Know of a good lawyer?

Also, the fuse block n cable is both under warranty since may

I would start by checking the bonding (ground) wire from engine to body. It may be near the master cylinder and very obvious. There could be a bad connection almost anywhere. Then there is the mystery short circuit which could be anywhere. Something is frying the wiring and it may seem unrelated to the failing parts. I always say to check the negative battery cable also. The ground side of an electrical system is just as important as the power side.

All grounds already checked

CDePew , your posts are a little hard to red and understand . I wonder if that is why you are having problems getting this problem solved. Not sure why you think wasting money on a lawyer would be of any help. Do you have an extended warranty policy because usually the work you have had is only cover for 30 to 90 days.

It just seems that a good shop should be able to solve this .

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