2015 Chevrolet Traverse has crunching brakes

I bought the Traverse 2015 LS, just over a month ago, at 36k. While driving home, i turned the radio volume down, and noticed when i pressed the brakes, i got a crunching sound, and has continued anytime i brake. very annoying, which seems to come from inside. I also noticed a pulsing effect at about 40 - 50 mph . anyone experienced this problem?

Your brakes are screaming for attention

Sounds like your front rotors are probably warped, and your brake pads may be worn out, possibly very dangerous

In any case, a shop needs to test drive the vehicle and perform a thorough brake inspection

In fact, it sounds like you should seriously consider getting the car towed to a reputable shop

Its a crunching sound that comes from inside right where the brakes pedal goes through the chasis

Go under the dash with a can of WD-40 and spray around the brake pedal pivot point.

that’s probably not going to fix the pulsation problem

I still think this car needs to be at a shop