Strange Brake Noise

Hello All!! I’m new to this site and seeking some advice/help. I have a 1997 Subaru Legacy sedan with a 2.2L engine with AWD. When I step on the brakes I hear a ratcheting type of sound and feel pulsations in the brake pedal.There is no problem with brake performance that I have noticed. We have replaced the front rotors and front brake pads.We also replaced the rear passenger side brake caliper. It still makes a loud ratchet/groaning-like sound. It makes the sound when you first start braking after starting the car and intermittently while driving. It’s not constant when you step on the brakes.Has any one else experienced this ?? Any suggestions on what it might be??? Would appreciate any comments. Thanks.

So you’re saying it will make the noise even when you’re not braking?

This sounds like the sound and pulsing you get when the brake pads approach their wear limit. There’s a gadget installed on the brakes that does this on purpose, to warn you it is time for new pads. But you say the front pads are new? I presume the rear pads were inspected when the caliper was replaced, right? So the problem remains a mystery of sorts. When you hear this sound, can you tell which wheel it is coming from?


Does this car have ABS?