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2015 Chevrolet Traverse -broken seatbelt latch

Seat belt latch on second row is broken on a Chev 2015 Traverse

Have it repaired or the entire sear belt replaced . Simple , your welcome :thinking:


I see you’ve received an official Volvo welcome, along with his usual advice. FWIW, seat belt buckles generally don’t get repaired but if you’re handy you can replace the end with the buckle. Find where the belt attaches. You may have to remove the seat cushion. It should be anchored with a big Torx bolt. Remove it, go to the nearest junkyard, and find a similar length replacement from a random Chevy/GMC SUV or truck since they’re pretty much generic. There are YouTube vids that will show you how. If you’re not confident in a DIY fix, any good mechanic can replace it for you but he’ll probably order a new part from a dealer.


Seatbelts sometimes have a warranty longer than the rest of the car, so check with your dealer if it might still be covered.


Agree it would be best to just order a new one. We had one replaced under recall in the Olds but can’t remember how old it was, but yeah it may be a warranted item. I did have a new buckle sewn in once but the auto upholstery shop was very reluctant to do it due to liability.

I can tell you that some manufacturers have a lifetime warranty on their seatbelts. Subaru is one, but there could well be others. After just 5 years, it is entirely possible that GM would replace the belt w/o charge.