2015 Chevrolet Equinox - On Star light is out

No light on my 2015 Equinox OnStar button

Ever, or does it come back on sometimes? If it comes back on sometimes, push the button when the light turns on and ask them to run an onstar diagnostic.

If it never comes on, check fuse first, but it could also be an antenna problem.

On-Star is free for the first five years.

After that, you have to pay a subscription if you want the service.



We bought a 2017 gmc used, Onstar wanted a monthly subscription fee, 14.99 or 19.99 a month, am not recalling which. Not in the cards for me.

Yeah pay your bill? I got it free for only 6 months but then continued on. Only used it a couple times but they can tell you what codes were set and why. Get a monthly report on tire pressure and if an oil change is due. Can’t really say it’s all that great but I guess if you are in trouble, nice to have a friend.