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'06 Chevy Equinox Cruise Control inop

My cruise control worked fine 3 days ago. Then all of a sudden it stopped. When I press the on/off button the light on the button comes on. But when I press set the light on the instrument panel doesn’t come on and the speed doesn’t set. I’ve checked the fuse and it’s fine. I’ve searched every where for a fix or some info but found nothing. Can anyone help?

I’m not sure about the Chevy Equinox, but it might also have a maxi-fuse. Do you notice any accessories or lights that aren’t working now?

Am I understanding/reading correctly, “When I press the on/off button the light comes on…” the light on the dash or the actual button? (Sorry I don’t know these chevy’s) Does this have 2 lights? one to tell you its on? and one to tell you it’s set? “But when I press set the light on the instr. panel doesn’t come on…”

You might want to look for a relay if the fuses check out fine. ALSO, you might want to check any recall information. Our '99 Expedition was recalled to install a harness on our cruise control. Wouldn’t hurt. If it is recalled it should be fixed for free.

Keep us posted. A reply can help us all help the next poor soul. :slight_smile:


The cruise control has 2 lights to it. One on the actual button you press to turn on cruise control and a light on the instrument panel that turns on when you set your speed. All the rest of the lights and stuff work. The lights come on, I can dim them, none of them go out randomly, they turn off when they are supposed and so on. I’ll check to see if there is a recall and get back to you.

Update, just checked the Government recall website and there’s no recalls for a 2006 Chevy Equinox.

Make sure the 3rd Brake light is working. A burned out bulb disabled the Cruise Control on my 93 Caprice.

Ed B.

Try placing the toe of your left shoe behind the brake pedal and lift up on the pedal. Now engage the cruise control. If the cruise control engages and stays engaged there’s a problem with the brake switch.


I am joining the brake light theory. When you step on the brake, you want to stop the car so it shuts off the cruse control. A bad switch or sometimes a burned out brake lamp can fool the cruse control and prevent it from working.

It’s been a while but here’s an update. Got all the switches checked, check the brake lights, etc. I did notice something however to help with my situation. During the summer months the cruise control doesn’t work at all even when parked in the shade or my overhang at home (no garage). BUT, the cruise control works just fine during the fall/winter months when it starts to get colder. I have a new issue now, the heater doesn’t work anymore. The only way I get any heat from the vents is if i let the car idle and it just pulls heat in from the engine getting warm.