2015 Charger R/T

Local dealer has great pricing on this model. Thinking of a Charger with
Hemi for a fun weekend driver. This
model is the light blue metallic (like Laguna blue). Drives fast and handles
Great. Should I consider or wait for
2016 model? Will it be different?
Thanks for advice

First you ask about a 2014 Avalon or 2016 Audi A3 and now 2015 Charger R/T. None of these are in the same category.

Audi is not an option. Interested in Charger possibly.

The 2016 will probably be higher priced so consider that in your thinking. As far as looks go…they look identical from all the pictures that I’ve seen.

Any thoughts on the Charger for a weekend cruiser? Fun muscle car? The blue (B5?) is sporty and looks great but open to other suggestions. Thanks

If you after a weekend cruiser, why not go with the Challenger? The Charger is a four door family car.

“First you ask about a 2014 Avalon, and now 2015 Charger R/T.”

So…the OP has narrowed down his choices to either a FWD vehicle designed for leisurely boulevard cruising, or a RWD hyper-performance vehicle?


Second car

Did you check the insurance costs? I bet the annual cost to insure the Charger is astronomical compared to the Avalon. If that doesn’t bother you, buy the Charger. Since it is a weekend car, you might look at the 5 liter Mustang or Camaro SS if you haven’t already. Or just buy the Charger. It’s the end of the model year and this one won’t last long if the price is truly attractive.