2015 BMW 328 - Melting stick shift knob

I have a 2015 BMW 328. The rubber from the handle is sticky and melting. I went to BMW dealer and they want $ 900.00 to replace it just 1 handle. They said this problem goes for years and BMW do not take any responsability. I am very frustrated.

Do you mean the gearshift handle? Did you try Google, Ebay, etc, for an aftermarket version? Perhaps there’s an aftermarket cover for it. Another idea, if you’ll accept a used version, ask at your local auto parts recycler.

$900 for a new one from BMW? I presume you get more than just the gear shift knob for that , right? You get a new lever as well I’m guessing. If that’s all they offer, and you want to keep the car original with a new oem replacement part, seems like you will soon be parting with $900. Make sure you know before taking this route, if there will be a labor fee for this too.

check on Amazon. they sell replacement inside door handles for about $20-25

If OP doesn’t mind using an aftermarket part (i.e. not from the BMW dealership parts dept), but is reluctant to do the install job themselves, no harm asking their favorite shop if they’ll install the part for them.

Just my 2 cents, but I feel that in cases like this the problem is caused by an outside influence. This would mean some type of chemical substance (even near undetectable) on the palm of the person operating the vehicle and it can cause various types of plastic or rubber to soften or disintegrate. Anyone else drive the car besides yourself?

It could be chemicals from nail polish, acetone (nail polish remover), shop chemicals, house cleaning supplies, or whatever.

For 900 dollars that knob likely comes with some attached parts also. Do not blame the dealer for this as the parts catalog likely shows that is the only way they can obtain it; by ordering that all inclusive part number.

Shift Knobs | BMWPartsHub?


The OP did not state which handle, the problem is with the grab handle on the interior door panel.


There are after market handles and covers available to fix this.

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OP’s title states Melting stick shift knob?


The moderator made the title, the original title only had year, make and model.

About 10 years ago, on the Outback.org website, I recall a few posts about sunscreen or bug repellant (I forget which one) causing damage when the leg of the driver rubbed against the door panel or the center console.

This is why I mostly use non-DEET bug repellents. DEET and plastic don’t get along well!

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My Corolla’s gearshift knob developed a crack 15 years ago. I just ignore . I think the problem was potato chips, me eating them while driving, and getting the cooking oil on my hand, thence to the knob.

No potato chips is probably my biggest Covid challenge, so tasty, but haven’t purchased any since March 2020. So what do I snack instead? I buy popcorn in 50 pound bags … seriously … pretty good price too, about $25 for 50 pounds.

Or using the wrong cleaning solvent. Aggressive solvents can interact with the material and start to dissolve it.


I have replaced these handles. It is not difficult. You replace the original hot melt attachment points with screws. This seems to be more of a problem on passenger side doors which makes me suspect hand lotion.

My whole family has driven BMWs for 20 years and we like them, but there are a lot of stupid things like this on BMWs. Toyotas and Hondas are, for the most part, far better thought-out.